2005 Buick LeSabre Questions

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What seems to make the problem better or worse? same problem
How long have you had this problem? couple days
I change the battery and after I get strong gas smell inside of my car. Smell is more strong after park or stop on traffic lights. When car start going smell is not so strong or gone. What it can be?
a/c is not cooling, has plenty of 137A
just got 05 LeSabre a wk ago. didn't pick up on it @ 1st but radio doesn't cut off nor headlights ding when left on sometimes. Oreillys said may all be linked to ignition switch which makes sense. I would think a sensor in door jam maybe but I've no idea. TY 4 help
2005 Buick. Lasabre cold air is blowing when the heat and defrost is turned on. Even after the car has ran for 15mins. First time buick owner. Need specifics on what auto parts to purchase to keep the car performing.
And the car is slightly rumbling & when I drive it if I sit somewhere for too long like at a traffic light for example it shuts off then I cut it back on & it starts again
what non metallic part in the eng. lube. sys. fails in 125kmi. or more. causing upper eng. starvation? (1997 to 2005 3.8 lasabre eng.)
started doing this all at once two weeks ago. seems to shift a little sluggish, but seems to be running fine at highway speed. ck engine light on, computer says torque converter problem
Seems to go away when car is not at idle
If the air bag deployed and the dashboard has lifted up and and the air bag deployed on both sides is the car repairable?
Car still running and speed doesn't change when tach drops to 0, but acceleration also seems to be compromised. Turning car off and back on usually stops this for awhile. Does shifting depend on tach reading? Am I doing damage to something by continuing to drive?
The speedometer is reading high speed while parked and while driving slow. Our fuel gauge went out earlier as well.
Check engine Lt ON. Coding a PO420 Only.
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