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replaced accuator behind glove box still blowing hot air on drivers side
2004 Buick Lesabre
Cat covrt, battery and fuel pump have been repaired on the car.
My 2004 LeSabre stalls while driving or while in park. It is most likely to stall when going less than 30mph. It also idles very roughly while in park and is sometimes stalls when shifting between park, reverse, and drive.

This problem gets worse after I drive the car a couple of miles and try to start it again within a 2 and 1/2 hour time frame. During this time it is near impossible to shift between park, drive, and reverse.

After searching online, it sounded like I had a sensor problem so I tried the following repairs:

***map sensor replacement
***mass airflow sensor replacement
***PCM replacement
***crankshaft censor replacement

None of these repairs helped :(

Important Note: The gauge cluster RPM reads, but when hooked up to a scanner, the RPMs can't be read from a scanner even with a NEW computer.

We think it might be a broken wire somewhere, but we don't know where.

Any help would be appreciated.

the problem is a forceful shifting from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd.
I have a cracked engine cradle I was wondering if I should fix it. and the cost?
got a tune up, new icm. Same coils though. The car accelerated to 30 then slowly goes past 30. However when I press down on the gas about halfway. It accelerates past 30 faster. Not a normal fast but a good speed. What would be the problem ? Also I hear this sound like metal discs are sliding against each other and another sound in the mornings like a crank noise. Like I can't build up enough speed to get on the freeway. I've gotten on once when it was slow. And I got over 70 eventually. It revs normal. Doesn't over heat
Replace speedometer and/or electronic input device. Need a price
i replaced the trunk lock,now the key is the only way to open it -the push buttons on my key ring and drivers door doesn't work anymore
How long have you had this problem? today after putting on a new lock
There is no check engine light, won't accel or deaccelerate until eng is shut off. No power.
This is the 2nd time the last time it just went off by its self
The air works fine. But the ticking sound is very annoying. Was told I would have to pay 200-300 to remove the dash to fix it. Anyone have a cheaper fix.
Car has shifted hard sporadically in one or two gears for a few years now. Had transmission oil and filter changed. Had cleaner put in as well. Car started shifting hard more often and in almost every gear after having this done. What could be the problem?
O2 sensor crankshaft sensor ,tried to start backfired would not run
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