2002 Buick LeSabre Questions

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ac sometimes it would come on when i hit a pothole and will start working fine
how do I change the oil pump on mt 2002 buick La sabre
on my 2002 buick La sabre
how come it wont go
it wont stay running
started after about 12 hours of sitting, lights in car came on, battery is about 4 years old
my head gasket blew so i just chose to change out the engine i have a friend who has a 5.7 l for sale just want to know if it can be done?
Cold air coming out of vents
No heat comes through the unit
details on how to replace starter on 2002 lesabre
checked fuel pressure,only at 44 psi so I changed fuel pressure regulator. now it's at 50 psi. my car calls for 53-59 psi. only regulator I could find is rated for 50 psi. is this difference enough to cause a po171 code
I find the assembly (most of the web sites show the replacement bulb) but I need the assembly as it has burned the turn signal housing for the bulb.
What could be the causes for the problem?
when I turn off my car and take the keys out the parking lights and brake lights stay on. does anyone have any suggestions on what might need to be fixed?
my air conditioning?

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