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fast I am going. Also temp reads in centigrade instead of farenheit. how do I reset?
Now car stalls and feel like it my die when driving what's the problem please help me
My car will running ride for about six months. Then it will start back running hot. I have to add coolant antifreeze to my car a least once month.
It doesn't happen everytime.
Heater was blowing cold air after 30 min of driving. It did not overheat, but temp was a bit higher than normal. Found that the coolant was low so added about 1/2 gal. Now the heater is blowing warm/hot air, and the temp gauge is normal, but the radiator is cold even after an hour of driving.
Passenger window wont close,,in middle of snowstorm,need help
I had crankshaft position changed about 3 weeks ago now car isn't throwing any codes but car started after a jump so bought new battery now it won't start again. First time I had the issue I started car and it was negatives outside and car started up right away but shortly after it started to shake a little and battery gauge was jumping from 13.0 to 15.2 and rpms were jumping around on their own then it died while I was pulling out of drive way. Got it to start last night but it was negatives again and it was rough and interior lights and head lights were dimmer than normal then it died and I can't get it to start.
I noticed once it started working again, and I went over a bump in the road it stopped working again. all other lights work, but I have had to change the right front and back turn signal lights previous to this about a month ago. But I figured they just needed change cause we bought the car used and it had been sitting for a while. Could this be a electrical problem or just a problem with that specific turn signal
I think water pump is going bad , I see coolant on manifold
some times after a mile of driving it will go to high after the car is warm and the car is sped up
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