2002 Buick LeSabre Questions

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Heater and defrost blows cold air. Will not heat up at all. Even when the Motor is heated
Both axles have been replaced. still have rattle like fan blade hitting something.
My 2002 Buick Lesabre starts but then shuts off. I can be on the road or in my drive way. Sometimes it seems like it works just fine but then it shuts off. I can start it up with one turn. It accelerates on its own. I have already changed the fuel pump, coils,spark plugs, vacuum hose, map sensor, Intake manifold,fuel pressure regulator vacuum. So could it be that another vacuum hoses is leaking and how do I go about finding it. Ty
The check engine light keep coming on and when I went to get it check. They said that my 02 sensor is bad, I need to get a new catalytic converter.
When I turn the switch on my parking lights the side ones come on and the turn signals and Hazards work but the bottom two lights do not stay steady burning why please help
I noticed this a couple of days ago I use my parking lights regularly so I noticed the problem two days ago does it have a fuse or relay to those lights? When I use the signal or hazard they work fine can't get them to turn on with other ones when I push the switch to on..
Parking lights won't turn off. Replaced headlight switch and module also when parking lights come on also with key removed the dinger won't turn off. Please help
How long have you had this problem? 6 months
When i start the vehicle the engine will shake in a back and forth motion not side to side. After about 10 seconds it will go away.
battery checked from engine reads zero from directly off battery 45% touching body causes shock
At dead stop when you take off car runs rough like something with the gas. My service vehicle light flashes until I hit a stable speed then hours out... WHY?
I am only getting air to come out of the front vents of the dash. My blower speed works fine. I can switch it from hot to cold no prob. Had one mechanic look at and he replaced the blower motor which did not fix problem but another story as I was pissed they ripped me off as it did not fix problem. Any quick fixes that I can possible do? Pep Boys said bring it in but will cost $45 diagnostic first.
02 lesabre custom. Started with intermittent running, after hitting bump or dash would start again. Heat/cool air works but isnt circulated by the blower, just seeps through Vents. Replaced resistor, tried on new blower motor with new resistor. No results. Fuses/relays look good. Any idea what ear to check? I'm freezing here...
What could be the problem the rest of them work
no air comes out on defrost, has duel heat, has the auto button. I have good heat , the blower works fine.
I only notice this after I have driven somewhere and turn the car off and get out.
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