2001 Buick LeSabre Questions

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I was given the car my family the dash lights the speedometer odometer nothing's worse since I have been in the car
Trying to troubleshoot a problem with multiple issues the issues are idling rough cic message center Reading incorrectly airflow in car not the same threw out the vents getting very poor gas mileage
None of the interior lights work so I doubt it's the bulbs. I tried replacing the fuse and that didn't work. DO I have to take off the entire dash to check the switch?
2001 Buick has no interior lights the fuse is good
The car stills starts and runs but it wont drive at all. Could it be the transmission? When we bought the car the wires in the car was all messed up, ac/heater went out and when i put gas in it the gas meter keeps saying its on e. Its a shitty car i just want to know what the hell ia wrong it. Its in the pound .
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It gets stuck on gear 3 making a noise like a plane taking off. It accelerates well while still stuck on gear 3. How can i make it shift on all gears,
dashboard warning messages keep popping on , check tire pressure, abs light , gas cap loose. all these things have been checked out and are fine,
Brakes squealed when we bought car so was told to replace brakes all around. We did but the brakes still squeal when we back out of drive. Why?
Battery New, Shop says not the starter. Say they cant figure it out unless theey can duplicate the problem
there is a white plastic reservoir in back side of engine with min-max levels instead of removing dip stick where it's supposed to do. what do I do?
Serpentine belt not turning car won't start.
I drove it for about 15 minutes,then all of a sudden it just shut down while driving down the road.lost all power to steering wheel and brakes.Pulled over restarted it 3 times then it ran,but engine light came on and has stayed on
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