2000 Buick LeSabre Questions

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While driving the car sputters and loses power. Feels like it's going to stall while driving.
it is like a very faint ding ding ding, if I then manage to get out of congested area and fasten up the noise does not occur again for the rest of the trip, no matter how long it is.
When driving the security light goes on and beeps, the radio goes off and on, then everything goes on and off on the dashborard. gas gauge don't work, speedometer goes on and off. etc.
When I turn right I hear a loud clicking noise
I cut off my car and now it won't start what could be the problem that's all the details I have

I hit a deer and it tore up my whole front end. I had to replace the radiator, etc. So now I need to know what do I need to put back into it. The used one I put in had some kind of green looking fluid. Do I fill the radiator up with that or do I also add water or just water, or what?
I just put in a you steering column from a junkyard hook everything back up turn the key nothing happens what do I have to do do I have to reprogram it
Radio is not coming on says loc on display
My girlfriend intentionallly smashed my windshield in and now the security light won't stop blinking and the car won't turn over.. the battery comes on but the car won't start.. I'm fixing my windshield right now .. how can I reset this so I can turn my car on ?
How long have you had this problem? Days
Mechanic said cyclinder po365 didn't work repaired there is smoke from tail pipe off/on at stop lights and signs, drive thru.
transmission hesitate when changes from first to second gear
As long as I hold the switch down the CC works fine. Can replacing the switch solve the problem? Hate to have to pay for a diagnostic if this is a common problem. Saw where someone said I can replace it myself. Seems if it was a fuse it wouldn't work at all.
I pull lever and they turn on but when I release the lever they go back off what needs to be fixed to keep them on
I just changed out the rear hub bearing
when you shut it off wait a few minutes and it goes again
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