1998 Buick LeSabre Questions

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We were quoted $1400. Is that a fair price ?
after starting sometimes it takes three trys before the starter will let loose
car hestistates sputters will not run well
repairs not resolving problem
This problem started yesterday and it stalled on me 3 times in half an hour. When it stalls the windows won't work at all and once it sits for a few minutes it will start and run just for a few minutes and the windows work then but once you try the windows it seems to stall back out faster. We replaced the ignition switch and had the ignition control module tested and it tested fine 10 times. We've had the car one month it just did this all of a sudden . The previous owner had a new fuel pump put on but it didn't solve the problem either. Anything you can tell us will be much appreciated . Thank you
i need to locate the purge solienod on my car can not locate it and can not get a corret answer
I smell smoke from the right-side vent when the a/c & blower is on.
I need to replace the relay switch for my air conditioner and I dont rememeber which one it was?
ok i got the order and thank you for that but can you show how the wire run because my son took them all off so dont know if there in the right spot on the dis,
How do i get a diagram of the spark plug wire firing diagram.
i cannot locate the power steering unit. specifically the reservoir to check the fluid level.
I have a loud tapping noise in the engine several people told me it was the haarmonic balancer. I replaced it but engine still makes tapping noise also my speed has been hesitant since the tapping started. I also need a MAP sensor could that be related to either issue.
car want start had starter checked out, battery is ok seems like not getting fire from battery will crank through starter but wont stay running help
how to repair a stuck throttle valve inside the transmission.98 buick lesabre
i notice that the factory plastic power steering resevoir had a bad crack and started leaking i replaced it with a steel power reservoir, then i noticed it was leaking again but i dont know where cause i apply the proper amount of fluid in and about 4-5 days the car starts creaking when i cut the wheel, what can i do? and what could it be?
where is the transmission control solenoid located on the transmission?
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