1998 Buick LeSabre Questions

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the service light is on i had a scan ran and it gave a p0140 code

It starts and stops.Was told it was the air shocks so I replaced them, now I am told There is leaks in my air shock hose. If I replace the hose will this start and stop motor sound stop? Im told that it is just trying to level the air in shocks but because of leak it cant do it !

The fuses are labeled but the relays are not I need to find which is the high speed relay and blower relay

I replaced the temperature and fan switch control module but the fan does not work on high and sometimes not at all under I have been driving a while,

It will go up and down and even tilt but wont go forward or backwards

My car wouldn't start. Me mechanic changed the flywheel but the problem was not fixed. I took it to the dealership and they had to fix the lock system. My mechanic still wants to charge $550 for changing my flywheel and not fixing my problem, what should I do?

The person im buying from it was this persons car used for personel use,I dont know of how meany miles,i was told it runs good the only problem knowen is the air con dont work,however there fixing that problem,and the rocker panil is rusted,i dont know much about buicks,could some one tell me if the car is worth buying?I dont have alot of info on this car this is it,but this person I know takes good care of there cars.thank you

I would like to use a brighter lamp for the high beams. I need extra light at night on the dark rural roads I travel on. The problem is the lamps are in series with a resister to run them at a lower voltage. I have not measured the voltage. My guess it is 6 volts. Is there a work arround for this or a bulb that would work ? I installed HID lamps. They work for the high beam only. The DRL feature does not work because of the way they are wired as DRL. I found a fix on the net that disables the DRL . The problem it also disables the auto lock. There was not any info on how to do it as well. Looking at the wireing diagram in Alldata they put a switch on the wire from the drive selector to choose between park and drive. I would like to retain the DRL feature as well as lights that would work either way. My question is there a way to do this? Can I use a powerful lamp like a halogen or maybe a LED?

After traveling at some stops it jumps and jerks like tires not catching but car actually jumps in front end then runs fine. Maybe 10 stops later it might happen ..hit or miss. First time happened thought rear wheel spinning and catching on bad pavement..but no seems serious or trans said had to have it happen with intermittent it did not happen with them.

Changed fuses and all the light bulbs. Still doesn't work.

what should the oil preasure be on a 1998 buick lesabre custom be it has 105,000 miles and i use castrol edge 10w30 oil?

We were quoted $1400. Is that a fair price ?

after starting sometimes it takes three trys before the starter will let loose

car hestistates sputters will not run well
repairs not resolving problem

This problem started yesterday and it stalled on me 3 times in half an hour. When it stalls the windows won't work at all and once it sits for a few minutes it will start and run just for a few minutes and the windows work then but once you try the windows it seems to stall back out faster. We replaced the ignition switch and had the ignition control module tested and it tested fine 10 times. We've had the car one month it just did this all of a sudden . The previous owner had a new fuel pump put on but it didn't solve the problem either. Anything you can tell us will be much appreciated . Thank you