1998 Buick LeSabre Questions

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Use to go up and down , then goes down had to play with switch to get it up, now goes down but not up
The car had minor issues (Locks did their own thing, lights did their own thing, and engine would occasionally cut out but would start right back up) with the sketchy hackjob of a remote starter install. All of a sudden I hit the brake, then the engine cut out. The brand is a CodeAlarm SureStart XL (That name proved useless) with a Avital "Gm Passlock Module" wired in somewhere along the line. I pulled the footwell apart, touched the "Remote Start Starter Relay + In" to the "Ign Feed + In", turned the key, and it fired up. As soon as I hit the brake in any gear it shuts right off. No security light is even wired, and I'm not sure if it has a factory keyless entry. The factory module was taken out altogether. When I turn the key the BRAKE (Not ABS) light comes on with the key tuned to Start. After I tore out the module the BRAKE, ABS, TEMP, and Battery light all come on. This is why I hate remote starters that aren't factory from the it rolled off the line. All 3 keys do the same thing.
When I accelerate at any speed it seems like the trans goes into seizure mode and starts to jutter violently until it shifts into the next gear available then It's fine cruising until it downshifts or takes off again, then back to square one. It isn't slipping, (Only raises about 400rpm on brake test) and 0 codes are being thrown for any drivetrain components, and it shifts flawlessly smooth. The torque converter was a brand one from Pro-King 10k ago. That's my only guess it that's defective. Fluid and filter were changed 3k ago. Fluid, CV Shafts, Trans/Engine mounts and alignment are all fine. Any suggestions?
There's a cylinder 3 misfire with a knock in the plenum surrounding cylinder 3. Lower speeds and lower torque cause knocking to lower as well. If unhook the #3 plug, the knocking stops completely
Help how to fixes it 1998 buick LeSabre
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Start but die
How long have you had this problem? 2 months
Have replaced both front rotors and pads and bearings
The water pump hose is expanding looks as if its going to bust when car is running.
I need to know which fuse in maxifuse/relay center is for starter relay and/or starter.
How do I get the bottom dash off so I can drop the steering column on a 98 Buick LeSabre
trun signail stays on ,on the left side and will not blink
Stalked a couple times
Car started fine went 3 miles stopped missed before shut down came back just spins changed coil pack now getting more firing it seems tryed either no go why
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