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Im trying to install a blower motor resistor in my lesabre, 97. W got everything off, and we went to install the new part, (Duralast part # JA1619) that we bought from Ato Zone, and we can't seem to get the new part to go in all the way. Is there something we're missing?
Shaking and blowing back oil towards my filter and stutter when I slow down and start picking up speed and my window doesn't go up
The code at AutoZone says low voltage to mass air flow and I put new pig tail and traced wires and still won't idle. Also replaced intake con valve and fuel pump was recently changed.
the horn is not working
Changed oil changed radiator fluid changed spark plugs and wires. Like I said it starts fine on cold start but after being driven for awhile car won't start
Car is still leaking PS fluid when running. After shut off leaks for a minute then stops.
Have had alternator checked, it's ok, new battery lasted week in the cold weather..then wouldn't start..can detect a clicking sound from dash
What brand or type of puller is recommended to remove the harmonic balancer on a 1997
Buick Lsabre with a 3.8 Liter
v-6 engine ?
Over the summer the blower motor would come on and then turn off whenever it wanted to..It does the same with the heater but now only cold air and leaking antifreeze,what could it be?
The car was given to me. It has what I believe is a ignition button under the dash to bypass system. I think. But I wad told that the key needed to be programmed. So I'm trying, but I feel like maybe this short cut that is installed might be interfering with success. Any ideas?
I got the burnt out bulb out, but I need to know how to fix my Blinker's by finding the right fuses or fuse box
Key ingition under driver side dash near fuse bpx what is it for
I broke my ignition because something had got stuck in it, and my shifter, shifting linkage, and turn signal arm control is broken. I want to know is there any cars compatible to my lesabre.
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