1996 Buick LeSabre Questions

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Take the pump out and put it back it it will run for 5 min then stop getting fuel. And repeat
In the morning battery is dead.brand new battery
So driving today on the interstate my car suddenly activated the cruise control that I don't supposedly have. I'm perplexed at how this happened, and as with most screw ups this was unusual as it was so perfect. Most cruise controls 'flutter' the speed within 3-4 mph of what was set and this stayed at a perfect 80 mph and 2.25 rpm. I found it glorious as I don't normally have this feature, but I am wondering how this magical moment happened.
Bulbs good housing broke the corner is separated from headlamp
Vehicle has Auto Temp Control. Blower will change speeds but will not turn off completely. Circuit has 30 amp fuse but no relay. Is problem in control panel or blower motor resistor ?
car won't start no gas flow
When I put car in drive all 4 doors lock and also when I use the power lock button on drivers door. When i put in park only the rear doors unlock also the same when I use the unlock button. I don't have the key fob for the car. is there anything I can do to fix?
Thanx Darrell
the staryer does not engage and my battery is good and holding a full chatgr, whay could be the issue on why my car will not turn over?
security light is on, it was has a new ignition control module and a new crank shaft sensor it's getting fire ,gas... car just turns over and I tired of buying unnecessary parts I have no idea what the problem might be can you help me
How long does it take to pull and install a new motor in a 96 lesaber?
Car started nocking out of no where let it cool down and started it back up. Car does not nock now but afraid it will happen again. There is poor flow in radiator but no over heating oil pressure fluctuates up and down no smoking oils full what could the problem be? Sounds like a rod nock worse when rev motor up. Like I said once cooled down it dont do it.
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