1995 Buick LeSabre Questions

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it stays at a high idle until I kill it and restart it. Then it's back to normal until the fans kick back on.

Car will not start because of the security system. Some reports say that the system was made to work only for 7 or 8 years. this car is 17 years old.

Tried to start car it said nothing thought it was the battery but it's good trying starter now

This started after driving into the woods in a accident and having to floor it to get out. Any ideas to fix? Or is my tranny just fried? Right now it runs in 1st gear fine but doesn't shift out of it so I can't really drive over 30.Can a sensor, broken cat pipe, or tranny mount help cause this? Being laid off, don't have money to take to shop, so I really need to figure this out. Any
suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Car was running thef light flashes when door is open, car turns over but want start, getting gas and fire, gas is getting on spark plugs and places it shouldn.

Car is just turning over but want start, has fuel and fire, gas on spark plugs and in places it shouldn be.

Had practically everything replaced in my car except for the engine control module.

Parts I've already changed.....Fuel Pump...Crankshat position sensor......Camshaft position Sensor...Oil Sending Unit.

After changing fuel filter and pump car still stalls intermittingly....Please Help

Also when engine won't start due to this problem,why do the power windows not work?

i can't find out where it's coming from (not internal)i pulled the serpentine belt & it seemed to quite down a little when the rpm goes up it seems to quite down even more. any ideas?

Turn on car and cooant starts running into the cab on the passenger side

After about 5 miles of driving.

Is there a chance that autozone could scan, and reset?? Thanks for any and all suggestions! -Carl.

The car is in collectable conditions, has been kept by my father as his little girl, perfect conditions, now the engine is broke and to expensive to repair, only for the emotional value I am looking for an used engine in fair conditions that keep the car running.