1995 Buick LeSabre Questions

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In park it idles low and wants to stall and when idling in drive it acts like its out of gas and bogs down and check engine light comes on
runs good @ hard acceleration. stumbles on partial acceleration. engine light code indicates icm. replaced icm, coiles, wires, plugs, fuel filter, tps, cleaned maf, checked fuel pressure, cleaned all electrical connections I could find. no positive results. what is left?
Nothing is coming out of the vents at all
I push down on the pedal and it doesnt sink to the floor and I slow down, however I am still putting a lot of pressure on the pedal and slowly the brakes let go anyway. My emergency brake is what stopped me. Im not low on fluid and I dont think I am losing any. Will bleeding my brakes do me any good or do I need to brake down and get a master cylinder? Or is it something else entirely? I just want to solve the problem having brakes go out is not something I want to do again.
my car has been turning off while drivng. does it on the high way doing 70 . it will cut off for a split second then kick back on . enough to be afraid. camshaft positioner sensor has been changed brand new an it did not fix the problem. it only does at high speeds.
Have replaced crank sensor, harmonic balancer, MAF sensor, 02 sensor, fuel regulator, and tested IAC and MAP sensors. Fuel pressures are all good. New fuel filter, air cleaner and spark plugs as well. Removed entire throttle body and completely cleaned it too. Car starts and runs great....just shuts off 2-3 times a day and immediately starts back up. Only code I can get on my scan tool is P0629, which is "invalid pass key frequency"?
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