1995 Buick LeSabre Questions

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the car running hot start smoking but the water not hot when he took the radar cap off no leaks he flush all hose radar as well what could it be wasn't doing that till after the heater core got replace didn't take it to know shop still not getting hot like it should never been flush I got lupus please help me
Car started leaking transmission fluid. Found out the back housing of my transmission was busted. Put another one on. And it cracked and broke on the end. What all do I need to checked to prevent that. axle has been changed.
replaced MAP, spark plug/wires and gaped plugs now engine has no vacuum at idle and sound like it is missing though firing order has been check and rechecked but vacuum works while driving about 40 mph, what should I check and how should I go about checking it.
had car fixed at mech. he diconnected the battery and the car went into anti theft mode. and won't start
Horn doesn't work after sitting for a year. Checked fuses, and wires to horn
Started about 3 months ago. As engine gets hotter, starts get slower. Turn key to start, it makes noise (kind of a groan) about once per second, then it will eventually crank and start. When it doesn't, a jump start will start it. Just replaced battery. Alternator and ignition module is fine per AutoZone. I have read fuel pump or regulator might be problem. I will listen for this now. Check Engine light often comes on. Seems to be missing a little at highway speed.
For a long while the engine would just stop (while driving down the road or at park/idle). I could (when driving) pop it in neutral start it and keep going. It has had the crank sensor replaced. Now, when I turn the key, the pass key light flashes rapidly and is accompanied by a relay chatter coming from the relay/solenoid panel behind the passenger side kick panel. Then one day after the car sat, the horn just started blaring. I thought the battery had lost its charge causing that(don't ask me why). So I brought the battery back to a full charge, tried to start the car again, with the same light and relay chatter results. Then about 2 hours later the horn went off again. This is a very sound car - mechanically, but this electrical problem is driving me nuts. Any suggestions?
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