1995 Buick LeSabre Questions

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Hit a watet puddle went to give gas wouldnt proceed pulled over will take off in drive wont switch gears.lost reverse
Car want go while driving runs great then boggs down
What would cause the car to bogging down but not cut off it runs good sometimes my check engine light come on a d off all the time it runs great when the light is off ones the car warms up is when it want hardly run
U have to pump them for it to stop properly . Fluid is full they were fine 3 days ago. Just last 2 days every time I stop

How long have you had this problem? a couple of days
Change motor from 95 3800 to a 96 body motor were running before I change it.96 body had been sitting for a while could old gas be my problem spray stater fluid keeps running.
I need to know how to hook up a used computer
I think it could be the MAP sensor or a faulty ignition switch... because it can't be the fuel injector system because it stays at 30 psi when it is off but when I try to crank it over she goes up more than 30. Even when I pump the gas it still doesn't stay on.. I don't know what it could be??
Was replacing the alternator and the a part broke off the corner of a pulley part (the tensioner I think) it's the piece right by the alternator that's next to/behind the power steering it's not the power steering pulley it's the one between that and the alternator I need a video or pics how to get that off
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