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My vehicle has a rubber boot over the intermediate shaft, right above where it connects to the rack and pinion steering gear that happens to be ripped, causing problems with turning every day. The problem is that it is very difficult to turn the wheel, almost like the power steering has gone out, but that isn't the case as I have had that checked. I believe it is caused by the torn rubber boot getting caught on or in between the intermediate shaft and something else and restricting movement unless sufficient force on the steering wheel is applied. I have been trying to locate a replacement for this part and no one seems to have one.
1994 buick lesabre 3.8 V6 misfires through intake manifold. I replaced the harmonic balancer, timing chain, spark plugs, crank shaft position sensor, repaired wiring to cam shaft sensor and crank shaft sensor. What could be the possible solution to the problem. Could it be a defective crank shaft sensor? Or bad wiring? Please help and thanks. I've been working on this for 3 days and it is stressing me out. Thanks
now I have battery light come on, I have no other problems car runs and starts fine, any suggestions as to my problem
The ball I'm talking about is the one attached to the wiper blade motor, and the ball is the nylon (?) ball on the linkage that moves the splined wiper blade arms assemblies. It popped off trying to clear some snow off the windshield off, and I've popped it back on. However, when it's just wet now, the nylon socket pops off the ball again every time.
It makes the noise whenit is not accelerated also
no noticeable problems, when car is restarted light is usually off
My buick will not start when I turn the key the security light comes on and stays on even after I remove the key. I have to disconnect the battery because the security light will stay on. I've tried new keys because starting was intermitant, sometimes when I would try and start the car before this no start condition I could turn the key the first time it would not start the secound time it would.
Have to wait for car to warm up for transmission to engage. Once warm it runs good, except the cruise control will activate by itself.
I push on the gas petal and i swear i could push the car faster then it goes and in a 1/4 mile it would normally get up to 60 less then halfway through a 1/4 mile and now i am lucky to 45 now in a 1/4 mile. (The 1/4 mile is from my diveway to the stop sign at the end of my road.) Then one day went to auto zone to get a cooling fan relay (Just the high fan) put the new one in and that is when it started not getting up and going) But once you get up to speed, well basically once your in 3rd gear or higher, no poblems, i can step on the gas and it gets up and goes like it should runs beautiful, but come to a stop and it take for ever to get up to speed. Before it had overheating issues because we didn't know it at the time that the cooling fans didn't work and it was super hot this past summer and there is a small crack in the radiator. Could it have something to do with the vacuum system, ive checked the lines and they are good, and connected they are only about 6 months old. (It is the 3.8Litter V6 and the tranny was rebuilt about a year ago because it was slipping. ) It would be awesome if you could answer this question. Thank you
its kinda like it locks up but if you put back in park it will start right back up

Drove about 10 miles the car would stall while driving about every 2 miles. I noticed it stalled while just ideling after about 3 minutes. Each time it starts to shutter like its starved right before it dies. It usually starts back up right away. No check engine light. Fluids are good. When I reached my destination the car sat for about 2 hrs. On the drive back home it ran normal (good). Just bought the car last week from a used car lot. 1994 with only 84,000 miles.
What could it be?

could i just buy the headers would it be something i could put in myself i'm not a machanic but i have a freind who is. but i need to get from here las vegas to kelso washington asap do you think its possible for s to fix in one day and do u think it would get us there with no problems
No problems with engine starting, ideling, rpm, or stalling. Trans shifts correctly, reverse gear ok. After starting and placeing trans in D virtuly no acceleration movement unless the accelerator pedal is depressed almost comlpetely and then speed is slow untill pedal is completely depressed and then it takes off rapidly. Engine service soon light illuminates, crankshaft sensor and start control moduel replaced. No take off speed initially, I am baffeled.
car is slow to shift speedometer/odometer not working
I am thinking thermostat, just seem funny the colder out it is the less heat I get, want to get it done before winter
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