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my buick started stalling on me a few days ago I changed battery now It wont start at all what can be the problem.i think in the process of changing my battery it messed with the anti lock system,bt I know this couldn't have cause the car to stall the first few times the battery was changed after it began stalling battery alternator and starter are all new not sure what else to check for
cuts out while driving but restarts on its own.
This has been a great car for me with very little issues for the past two years since I purchased it used March 2012...Very recently I have noticed a thumping sound coming steady every 5 seconds or so...When I got home and looked in the trunk, there was also a continuous buzzing sound...What the heck could be wrong to make that happen in the back of the car? Is this serious? Can I still drive it?
then changed plugs again it started right up . drove it ran good then it sat over nite & would not start this morning. thanks for any help.
This car was idoling high, I fixed that problem in the beggining it was idoling high and stalling, when coming to a complete stop or slowing down. So now the idoling problem is fixed but every time I come to a stop sign or red light it keeps cutting off on me.... I dont know what to do someone help????
The battery light comes on and goes off, the service engine light comes on and goes off the car idols high, it only stalls when slowing down or coming to a complete stop. I have replaced the battery alternator, throttle control sensor, I dont know what else to do I have searched for vacuum leaks dont hear one or see one.. What can I do?
When it shuts down its like the battery has been disconnected and resets my radio and makes the car act like its in neutral while its in drive.
I am having diagonal right front and left rear brake failure. I was told that it could be a proportioner valve
failure problem.
air out of passager a/c vents rear vent also blows same as front drivers side can this be repaired and what will be the cost.
have noticed my power steering has been stiff or sticky what may cause this
A little Buick ran fine until I had a new air compressor installed. The old one had been unhooked for about 6 months before it was replaced. The person who unhooked it did so bc they said it seemed like it was trying to lock up. At that time the air wasn't running and the bearing had gotten so bad. Other mechanics who have seen it said this wouldn't have been a problem. After the replacement the car ran beautifully with cold air for 2 weeks. Then, every time I would turn the air on it would shake like it was going to stall out. Every time I took it in to the mechanic it would supposedly run fine. Even without running the air it starts to shake like it wants to stall out, it idles rougher at lights. It doesn't want gas when it starts to shake, you have to lay off the gas and hope it doesn't stall. Many times it doesn't but it will feel like a drop, like a loss of power, and the engine light will come on, the shaking will stop. Lately it has to idle for a couple minutes before you can put it in reverse or it stalls out. I have had the fuel filter changed and the map sensor hose replaced. The mechanic says nothing is wrong with it, but clearly something is. Other things that may be of interest: the ignition key is taped into the holds my steering column together. I was told by the mechanic who advised this that it was not a problem. Also I have had to disconnect the horn since either while driving or while parked and off, the horn with go off for a few minutes straight. The car has less than 200,000 miles on it. Someone once told me that my car should have 2 fuel filters (one in the line as well)?? Any direction you can provide on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated. Oh and the compressor I had installed was brand new...and for the last few months, unusable. Also it seems to act up more if it has been driven more or if it has sat in the sun.
when the heater controll is switched on heat, what opens the water flow to the water heater, is it manual or electrnonic
My steering wheel is off and when I make sharp right turns the steering wheel is making a groaning noise. This only happens on right turns. I am not sure if it is the rack or the gears. It is getting harder to make sharp right turns. Like turning into a driveway or bridge. It doesn't do it on left turns. If rack goes out would steering lock up? I am just not sure what its causing it. The first time it happened it grinded in the steering wheel and was hard to turn.
It's like something is draining the battery every night. Always has to have a jump in order to crank up. When I try to crank it up, it click clacks for a while and then it dies the more I try.
notice a wiggle when starting out under 40 miles an hour
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