1994 Buick LeSabre Questions

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Appears to be a Passkey issue but I don't see any flashing light indicating security issue. Got gas but can't get it thru the injectors. Starter turns engine over and tries to start then dies. replaced fuel pump and filter and just about everything else.
Stalls all the time and sometimes runs like it has bad gas it always starts right back up, but now 2-3 times a day when I get in and start it , it wont even turn over and dashlights all come on but just bought a new battery
It always starts back up, but now it wont start 2-3 times a day unless you keep trying at least 5 times, it wont turn over at all but the dash lights work, plus sometimes going down the road it feels like you really gotta push on the gas to get it to go, when Im coasting or geting ready to make a turn is when it usually shuts off, but I never have a problem restarting it then, FYI just bought a brand new battery
im having a time trying to replace the fan relay where is the relay location
The car has 115,000 miles and I've had no problems with the power windows. all four windows are up. I pulled the circuit breaker or fuse whichever it is and it was extremely hot. The auto parts stores in town could not match it up due to the offset prongs. I wouldn't imagine all four motors would go out of the same time but don't know if that maybe could be the switch? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
When I open the door, a buzzing sound is heard, its over toward the glove box. When I turn the keys on to start, car goes completely dead. True jumping it, same results. I can remove keys, wait, try it again, same results.
Had it running on Saturday, went to go out to start it Sunday and it wont start, What could it possible be?
Is there any way to have the check engine light go off long enough to have my vehicle inspected? I think the mass air flow sensor and crank shaft position sensor are needing replaced? But need to get it inspected ASAP.
when i turn it on it blows from the defrosters, after I push auto many times it would blow correctly, not it is not blowing at all, and my gages are out on the air conditioner. How can I test the system?
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