1994 Buick LeSabre Questions

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Have oil in radiator
It's a 1994buick lesabre
My car is not getting enough fuel.
The occurred twice within five minutes.
I was driving and my car completely cut off. It restarted about two minutes later to cut off again.
Stays on heater position will not switch
took car for an oil change and now it wont start they said it was fuel pump but i know there is a relay fuse and a reset button SOME WHERE ? Please help cant afford a fuel pump & sending unit or i think its they pumped the gas on a fuel injected car.. a big NO NO..
Feels like nothing's wrong. 1 repair guy says there ok. 1 says I do need ball joints. The other says the car is unsafe to drive. Who do I believe?
headlights stay on when key is turned off---kills the battery
The sound comes from the motor and it doesnt go away. A few people said it needs oil which i know it needs an oil change but will this sound go away ?
I've replaced dude and added 1.5 cans freeon
I replaced the fuel pump, fuse and relay. I still hear nothing from the pump when I turn the key forward
Put a new fuel pump in tank. Now it's driving very badly. Skipping, jumping does not wanna go when I mash the gas pedal. Can you please tell me what to check to fix it
I have a 94' Buick Lesabre Custom that just started making a fluttering/clicking sound while I'm driving. The sound is much louder when I brake and it sounds like it's coming from the rear end of the car but I could be wrong. I was told it could be a U Joint but then I found out that model doesn't have a U Joint. Can anyone give me a better answer than brakes and rotors? Or more reasoning behind what might be wrong?
88 chev caprice 305 computer carb starts easy runs then dies. (car had a broken starter, replaced, ignition module cap, fule filter,pump) TPS seems to test ok, O2 sensor tested low 0-5.8v, ECM fuse ok but light in car dose not come on at all. Dose not give any read out with paper clip. Carb inside solenoid clicks on and off, unplugged car runs but smoky, green test plug no signal w Dwell meeter. Car can move if I keep the gas on but not road able. Wont run long until it dies, starts right back up Carb was rebuilt several years ago.
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