1993 Buick LeSabre Questions

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We have replaced the battery, alternator, and also the crankshaft position sensor. We have tried a mass air flow sensor and a module sensor that did no good. The fuel pump is still pushing out around 47 pounds which is normal.
It starts wen it feels like iy and other times it wont syart at all
And car wont start now
car will warm up after 10 minutes
Not sure which to use 134 or r12
Replace it . Installed plugs and wires still ran rough. Checked plugs spark discovered plug No.1 had a weak spark,replaced all 3coils while doing job must have created a spike in system cause my Tack nor my Batt. voltage gage work to add insult to injury my DLC is no longer functioning. All logical directions will be greatly appreciated. 3.8liter model. Tenth digit in Vin is the letter P but it's registered as 1993 with L-series Eng. Sequential fuel injection
need to replace wires under engine
want stay runing if you not on the gas
When I first found it I turned it on, then did something and shifted gears into reverse to find out the car was not on. So I thought I didn't start it. I started the car again, to find that it immediately died after started. So, I added gas when starting the car, and it revved the engine and ran, but as soon as I stopped adding gas it died again.
I found it in front of the radiator. It has a wire that runs to it bit was not connected. I can send a pict through email to show u its connected to the. Frame
i don't know what its called but where the linkage cable hooks onto transmission seems to be locked up, i need help asap
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