1991 Buick LeSabre Questions

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I know for sure I have a bad ignition switch did all the testing and there is no doubt that that is the problem someone told me that I can remove the lower part of the dash and drop the column and have access to the switch which should be in the top of the column but everywhere I search on the internet says you have to pull the steering wheel so I'm wondering if anyone knows for sure I appreciate it thank you
My window came off track how do I fix it have door panel off
I crunk car up drove it around block and when I stopped. Transmission fluid poured out beside the pan.
does not blow cold air when sitting still
ivereplaced the ecm unit, where do i get the paascodes to rebooot the system
why does my car stop running every 10 minutes and only start up again after sitting for 10or 15 minutes
my 1991 buick le sabre stops running after about 5 or 10 minutes. It will start up after not running for 10 or 15 minutes of rest like it stops when engine is warm and then runs again after cooling down.
the weather seems to have a lot to do with how far it will go before it quits
I changed fuel pump fuel realy and coil pack and igation moduel and crank senors and cam senors and map senors and wiring and ecm wat else is there
Limited model. Climate control panel has no power, radio will power on and off but has no digital control. Volume (static) will go up and down, but that is the only control that works. Front power windows work intermittently, back windows are fine.
Fuses check fine. Any ideas/suggestions?
According to the test results, my car is a GROSS POLLUTER. it shows the following FAILS;
1.) Fuel Cap Functional
2.) Fuel Cap Visual
3.) Fuel Evaporative Controls Functional
4.) Fuel Evaporative Controls

The ASM Emissions Test Results;
Test at 15 mph; Max 77, GP 285, MEAS 269.
Test at 25 mph; Max 59, GP 235, MEAS 275.

CO (%)
Test at 15 mph; Max .50, GP 2.22, MEAS 8.30.
Test at 25 mph; Max .41, GP 2.09, MEAS 8.52.

If anyone have any suggestions as to what are the common parts that may need replacement to correct the issues, I sure would appreciate it.
Check all fuses and replaced fuel pump and filter. Spray starter fluid and car start but want continue to run
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