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On the 3.8 lt. motor, does the front engine oil seal need to have the timing chain cover off, and to replace it from the inside?
one person said the problem is transmission mounts shops tell me it needs a complete internal rebuild does this 90 buick lesabre with the 3.8 motor have transmission mounts and what is their location
I have a oil leak around my front seal. My mechanic put a new seal in and its still leaking a lot at between 1100 to 1500 RPMS. He said the crankshaft is floating up and down at about .025. The car runs fine. Does this sound right? Help!Thanks!
My 3.8 motor has develop an oil leak on the front side of the motor and getting on a pulley which in turn is being thrown around. I recently had a timing chain replaced. Any idea where I might start looking. Its hard to see around all of the parts. Thanks!
I have changed the ecm, crank sensor, temp control, ignition coil, coil pack, thermostst, battery, cables, but the problem still persists also had the plugs and wires change there is no specific time it happens but after it stalls it usually starts back up but sometimes it takes a few minutes for it to restart i'm almost at my wits end but I won't give up cause I really like the car so I want to get it fixed it has been tested and retested for everything but it won't stall when it's at the mechanics HELP! !!
Car will start up with no problems, I will drive it around for a bit a shut it off. Will start up or will not start,when it doesn't start it will turn over but wont fire, or will start for a few seconds, but will sound like its misfiring or runs like hell and shuts off. If you let the car sit for half an hour to an hour it will fire up like nothing happened and the motor runs fine.
they seem to doing the job but at some point they need to be replaced or how do you check them to see if there time has come. 98,000 on the vehicle. thanks
The check engine light came on showing dtc65. I looked it up and it said "Right bank O2 sensor rich exhaust indicated" Have any what that means? Thanks.
My gas gauge was working fine. I went in to fill up my car and after I was done the gauge only read a half a tank. I know the car is full of gas. Do you have any ideas what it could be? Thanks.
My car has 98,000 miles and the fluid on the stick looks fine. It shifts like new but what about the age on the fluid. Does it break down over the years? I don't think its ever been changed. Thanks.
I am replacing my front brakes and rotors and need to know what size of wrench I need so I can purchase it when I get my parts. Thanks.
buick lesabre
The noise sounds like it may be coming from the rear, almost like the parking brake is stuck but I don't believe it is. I thought maybe it was a wheel bearing but it doesn't seem to do it in neutral rolling down a hill and I'm pretty sure it's in the rear, and not coming from the transmission/engine. It's actually a 1986 lesabre thanks for your help
the car idles fine. it does this whether the engine is warm or cold and only lasts a minute or two. dtc 41. thanks
the camshaft sensor and EGR valve have been replaced.
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