1990 Buick LeSabre Questions

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It started yesterday I was sitting in idle and it died since then havnt got it to run more than 5 mins and can't even do that without constantly giving it gas I've check fuel filter fuel pump and relays I've heard mybe check the crankshaft sensor need to check fuel regulator anymore ideas of what to check it also has new maf sensor
there r 6 wires tan, blue&white ,blue.,blk blue red & soild blk and i need to kn how to hook them up to my switch.
belt looks good no nicks or cracks. does 1 of the pulleys have a tension spring or do I need a certain tool?
It started and ran fine, then I parked it for an hour and have the problem above. Connected spark plug tester and ignition is functioning. Connected "noid" tester to injector harness and it blinks when engine turned over (injectors receiving pulses). Fuel pressure tested at 42 psi at fuel rail. So it's getting sparks, has adequate fuel pressure and the injectors are receiving "pulses" to operate. Removed a plug & it has good color and is not fouled. TPS sensor has .46 volts at idle and 4.8 at wide open throttle (working properly). Does anyone have an idea as to what the problem might be that would still result in the conditions above ?
I changed the plugs wires an coil
the car generally runs fantastic it just started this hesitation.when you are accelerating from a dead stop the car sputters as if it is on that ground by a toll. But if you roll just a bit first it goes just fine! after that it rides great.
I have a ’90 Buick LeSabre with the end of the shift knob broken off. I purchased a new shift knob but can’t for the life of me, figure out how to remove the damaged one and install the new one.

Can someone explain how I can do this?

Thanks in advance,
my 1988 Buick lesabre was overheating so I replaced the water it starts and shuts off after ten to twenty seconds .why could this be what are the possibilities??
I recently changed thermostat and the radiator and water pump seem to be working seem to be working fine.
((Note: The year and make selector at this site does not concur with my car.I have an 1989 ParkAvenue)) Seems to start and run smooth and even can accelerate to 3K+ rpm smooth and steady. When selection of any drive position and begin to accelerate, engine goes into a surging cycle and continues even when gear selector is back to Park; will not rev when in this surge cycle, bogs and almost stalls. I can turn off ignition and restart engine and is smooth running again. Again I can rev to 3k rpm smooth and rpm steady. Select gear and accel... repeats as above. Acceleration is at about 1100-1500 rpm to climb a hill when cycling surge begins. I can duplicate surging with brake on & in drive & accelerating; surging starts at about 1100-1200 RPM. Again, surging/cycling resets by turning off and restarting engine. Maintenance/shooting done recently: 1. Checked fuel rail pressure @41 psi; 2. Changed fuel filter; 3. New air filter; 4. swapped out the MAFS; 5. New Oxygen sensor; 6. Oil & filter changed about 200 miles. Where are the ECM, IAC, ICM located that I can do a vibration/tap test?
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