1990 Buick LeSabre Questions

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I was told that I may need to unplug in order to disable overdrive. Thank you
It will crank over and is getting gas. The cylinoid has spark also. Just won't kick in and start.
When I go around a corner it sometimes studders or completely stalls, I can shut it off and restart it then it'll drive fine for a while before it happens again. When it happens the 'service engine' light, battery light, and temp light all come on or flash. I also hear all of the electric door locks clicking when it happens. Any suggestions that might cause this?
Thanks,Dave I checked the fuel pressure after I replace the fuel filter and it's at 35 to 38.
I have a 1988 Buick LeSabre it had been sitting for a few years it has 125000 miles on it I have put Crank senor wires plugs coil model fuel filter mfs . runs good for 30 to 45 minutes.and then start running ruff and thoughts a Crank senor code.
Cooling fan didn't run, Found blown fusible link. Replaced it and new one blew when fan started to run. Current fan motor shows less than 2 ohmns resistance across the terminals. Cooling fan resistor is cracked and I can't find a replacement part number.
Both sides will go down perfect but going up it only moves up 1/2" at time & most of time u have to let it rest 5 mins r so in between!!!! And if u press hand on window & power button at same time, sometimes it'll help it go up a little quicker!!!
Need help!!! PLEASE!!! Thank u!!!
Could it be a memcal error,. It stalls when I start, when I brake. But always restarts And is running rough.
coming out out tail pipe i had a massive air flow sensor put on and a crank sensor at times it wont start and when it do i have kept gas paddle to the floor until it stays started.can u help?
as you drive it seems to die, like not enough gas......
My mom had a 1988 Buick LeSabre and she has to usually (but not always) press the brake pedal to the floor to get her brakes to work. She managed to get the car to the shop and after evaluation, the shop determined that her brakes were fine, no leaking brake fluid and stated..."Needs new R/F wheel speed ABS sensor. Sensor wire is cut or damaged."...After many attempts, on their part and my and my husband's parts, it has clearly been determined that this "R/F wheel speed ABS sensor" has been discontinued for the 1988 Buick LeSabre and CANNOT be found ANYWHERE! Does this sound right to you? Would this sensor cause problems with the brakes? Would it cause brake failure?What should we do since the sensors have been discontinued? Is there a "universal" sensor that can be used on her car? My mom is 82 years old and we want her to be completely safe and worry free! Any input that you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
also changed timing chain aligned correct marks. checked balancer for bad fins. I'm running out of places to look. connectors have no bent pins. all above have been re and rechecked.
changed cam and crank sensor and igniter under coil pack. still no spark
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