2013 Buick LaCrosse Questions

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Jumped off my car and the radio and rear view camera went out. Everything was working on but I could not adjust the air or turn it off. Please help.
i would like best custom writing online so that i think about buying car from online.
The service dept stated the front bumper has to be removed, and that's why it will cost $1450.00. I find that way to expensive so I called around other dealerships and I'm being told that is too high.
Back up camera comes on but very little color
The front end scraps when backing out of driveway on concrete
I disconnected battery it stopped then wait a awhile and put cable back tried to start again radio came in seat moved forward but would not start do you think it is the battery ?
Slow down to stop mode & the whining comes to a stop - any idea?
when car is in drive mode, a winding noise is coming from the rear axle. as you speed up the noise gets louder and levels out at about sixty mph. starting out at low speeds the noise is very low. tires have been balance rotated and checked out ok.
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