2011 Buick LaCrosse Questions

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Upon start and while idle my A/C is not cooling.
LED is partially out; part flickers ewhen brake applied
Exhaust camshaft position sensor
replaced battery in car. Started it ran for 15seconds-shut down completely no power at ALL Lights horn dash etc. Keys will not remove from column no display nothing. can't move car at all as its nose 1st in garage! rechecked battery and cables/ fuses/ swapped some of the relays all look good HELP!!!!!
How many gallons of fuel can fit in my tank?
Where is the spare tire located?
My car seems to drift to the left when I am driving over 65MPH on the freeway.
It's been serviced. They fell me that the compressor is not turning off at all.
No power in the car I replace the battery & alternated & it's still happening it happen every 4days
when i open l/s frt. door. no lights come on. and the master pwr window sw doesn't open any of the windows. When I exit and close the door the lights and radio do not turn off. After 10 mins all lights turn off. This has been happening for 5 days. On the 3 day everything worked as it should, then on the 4 day the problem came back and is still not working.
We had gone through a small amount of water on the road and the car supposedly took on a small of water through the intake and caused the motor to seize how could this happen and why is this car being an AWD not equipped to handle this situation. Please advise!
My car stalls occasionally when I put it in drive or reverse.
I can drive for about 10-15 and then the lights on the dashboard then wants to turn off while I'm driving. My daughter drove it and she said when she puts it in reverse, it cuts off. It hasn't done that to me yet. It's happened twice so far
It smells like plastic wire burning and you can smell it specifically on the driver side does anyone have an idea what might be the problem? Thanks
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