2009 Buick LaCrosse Questions

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what size socket do I need to change the oil
where can I buy new or rebuilt ones and are they hard to install
at the same time the traction system light and the car slows down.
It DOES work normally with the remote entry or the lock switch inside the car. (either side) option is set to unlock all doors when placed into park. It just started doing this??
cant correlate the noise to power steering or wheel bearing and it's intermittent cold warmed up. It just comes and goes. Hoping it's not the transmission... 62.000 miles
I used high end gas and the issue went away, now it's back. What type of repair am I looking at?
it was a short inside the box.I had it in two days before and had a fuel sencer installed.
Is it normal for an alternator to go bad at just under 71,000 miles? Took it to an alternator shop to have it rebuilt. However, they were unable to find the needed parts to rebuild the Bosch alternator. Also the shop could not even find anyone that stocked a new alternator for it. Had to go to Auto Zone and buy a rebuilt one. They couldn't even get a new one for me because it was out of stock. Why would Buick put a Bosch alternator on their cars (German made)? I was also told these alternators do not last much over 70,000 miles. $200 every 70,000 miles? If this is true I would say it is a bad manufacturing idea or lemon. Any ideas on this?
The ECM in my car is setting multiple error codes (5) at the same time (I took the car to a repair shop and they tested it while driving the car). The repair shop indicated that this didn't seem correct and thought that the ECM itself was the problem. My check engine light started coming on perodically a couple of years ago, the code indicated that the anti knock sensor was the problem. I took the car to the dealer several times for this and each time they said the sensor was fine and couldn't find anything wrong. Can you direct me to someone that can diagnois and fix this problem?
including check engine light, red battery light, clock light, Used car yesterday, but wouldn't start today
it happens about ever 3 months
Door on drivers side, will not unlock
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