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Having trouble with the coolant system. Live in Vegas so its hot as **** right now, unfortunately.

In the last two weeks, I've had the thermostat and the water pump replaced. However, my car is still "eating up" coolant - it takes several days to go from "mostly full" to about half empty.

I do note small puddles sometimes when I drive away from a particular location, which would apply I have a small leak.

I've been told that at this point in time, I need to pressure test the system. If there is an external leak, it will show up. If there is no external leak, the pressure will likely drop somewhat, which would imply a head gasket fissure/leak.

Does this sound right? What's everyone's experience with a head gasket issue vs. a "leak" issue on a 2008 Buick LaCrosse? Obviously, I much rather would prefer this to be a leak issue, such as where a hose meets a metal connector, or perhaps a pinhole leak.
The alarm or panic lights and horn just went off by itself and every few minutes it keeps going off. Turn the switch on and it stop. Pull the key out and it goes off again
Engine turns fuel pump is working but no firing from coil replaced module and crank sensor injectors not pulsing.
I put a fuel pressure gauge on and got 0psi. I don't understand though cause it has to have some kind of pressure if the car runs
I was driving about 69-71 as I normally do and with no indication that there was a problem the engine stopped. kaput! I had enough speed to get to the side of the road what can cause this. It will not restart, turns over but does not start. Had it towed home.
what is this about? Fuel injector or Fuel pump?
My battery in my key fobs were replaced, didn't help.
My key fob was replaced, didn't help.
My door locks stopped working a couple of years ago, all 4 of them!!!, and too expensive to fix. But the button would still open the trunk, then that stopped too.
I have stuff in my trunk I can't get out.
Thank you for any help.
Car will stall while driving. Sometimes won't restart. At other times starts back up. Buick dealership has checked it. No computer codes register. It even stalled on their service manager driving it into the service garage. After checking some things, they installed a new battery and declared it fixed. Car still stalls while running. Took it back to dealer. They could not replicate problem and are finished investigating. Any help out there? Problem seems to happen more often after car has driven a short while, turned off, then on to the next stop and the stalling occurs.
I have a misfire on the 4th cylinder on my 08' Buick Lacrosse CX v6 3.8. I've given it a tune up (spark plugs, plug wires, air filter, oil filter, camshaft sensor, #2 o2 sensor b/c code came up for this) and I've replaced the 4th coil and injector. I can't think of what else is causing this miss after I've done all this. As well, when I got the diagnostic test on my car, the passenger right side was causing my traction control and ABS light to come on, so I was told and had the wheel bearing/hub replaced and the problem hasn't been fixed. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
My interior lights were dim and would come on and off. Now they are completely off and I don't know how to change a dimmer switch. Or, could this be a bulb replacement for the instrument panel to illuminate again?
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