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My 2011 buick lacross, I just bought it and for some. Reason I tried to hit the power button at night time it does light up and so does the auto button for the heat and air panel but for some odd reason there is no air blowing out at all, my husband took to this electrical place they said the blower moter was fine and they didn't know what was wrong with it. If someone knows whay could possibly be wrong with my vehicle can u please let me know I have 3 younger children it's getting very cold outside and I have to have heat in my vehicle. Thanks so much
Rear tail light burned out
engine light on did diognostic test came up P0411&P0446 secondary air injection incorrect upstream flow detected and evaporative emission vent system performance
Put keys in ignition of 2007 Lacrosse today & car wouldn't start. Radio came on for a second & then no further sound. Can't move gearshift to neutral & can't remove keys from ignition. Any ideas?
How long have you had this problem? Just today
I accidentally left my keys in my car for about 2 hours, and now I cannot get my keys out, nor can I move the shifter
The AB light stays on. It came on when I went down a small incline at the store and I kind of bottomed out.
My car won't start and I'm not sure if it's the battery or starter. When I pumped gas the past couple of times it wouldn't start right away it would make a humming noise for a while then start up. This would only happen when I would pump gas. I tried turning my car on and now it won't start but when I turned the key everything in the car would turn on on its own(whipers, radio, heater/AC and then the car alarm sound would go off too). I tried jump starting it too and it wouldn't work. Also when this happened the ABS, traction light and engine light turned on. Any help would be great.
Fuses were ok. Guessing it might be bad blower control module, blower control resister, or bad blower, or some relay or large fuse.
How will I know if im getting the repairpal fair price at one of your certified shops.Do im mention repairpal
Maybe once or twice a week, according to how much i drive the car, when i put the car in reverse the brakes grab for a minute then release..... when this happens the message board says "traction control active"... then it goes off until it does it again.... no code lights up and it only does every once in a while when i put the car into reverse... going forward everything is normal!!!
On a 10 ( ten ) mile drive my 2007 Buick Lacrosse's check oil level dip stick is b finger burning HOT ! Any input or advice welcome. Thanks
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