2006 Buick LaCrosse Questions

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I'm pressing gas pedal to the floor and not going past 60 mph
Lately my car has been overheating a lot it's only overheated to the point it shut off seems that when I press my gas pedal to hard or when I'm driving between 30 mph to 60 mph it overhears more and it'll cool itself off randomly under 30 or when I turn my wheel to the right and sometimes when I press my brakes I haven't found any leaks and the only sound I hear is the fans when she's overheating bad enough the system shuts off my a/c unit
Just driving and the car shuts down no control of not publish this
every time I start the car the oil pressure warning light stays on for about a minute. the oil is full what is causing this
I have new tires, want to make them last for as long as possible.
Just seems there must be a leak but I can't find it.
Happens every time, just goes from 1/4 full to E and sounds the alarm.
Repaired or replaced?
when i turn the car oof sometimes it sounds like boiling water under the hood and when i lift the hood to check the coolent the cap be so hot that i cant even touch it..and it also has a fan clucking sound now
What is causing my front panel to be out. Do I need to replace a fuse. If so which fuse.. the fuse box is very confessing.
Lock mechanism works but door won't open
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