2013 Buick Enclave Questions

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The heat or air is not blowing in the rear of our 2013 enclave. Do you think it is a fuse blown?
How long have you had this problem? It just started today
my buick was driven around on with no oil or coolent in the engine. i was told it overheated and just shut off and started smoking. The person driving kept trying to turn it back on without oil and coolent and later parked it to get a tow. When i went to look at it i was told they tried putting in oil and water so i turned on the car on to look at the notifications. the car engine was shaking and i believe there was coolent and oil leaking on the ground, i have not tried starting since. so my question is what could be the problem and how much is it to fix.
Brakes are spongey and squeak when pressed
My 2014 Buick Enclave does not produce any heat to the floor vents for the driver & passenger. Brought it in for service at dealership - was told the in cabin air filter was plugged. This is only one year old. They tested the vent temperature to be 150 degrees - must have been the vents that blow to my hands and face, not my feet. I crank the temp to 90 degrees, fan on high and drive for 20-40 minutes and there is still NO heat coming out of the floor vent - defrost produces some warm air, but on long trips at 90 degrees blended, we are still cold in the front seats. Anyone else have a solution to this? Oh yeah, I was charged $60 to change that in-cabin air filter....
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