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when i first attempted to start the car it acted as though the engine was trying to start but just sounded very weak before it would then just shut down and it would just start making a clicking noise while trying to start, i tried to boost car but same thing is still happening, could it still be battery or fuse box shows it has fuse for batt:1-2-3, am totally confused, not a technician, which goes without saying but if it is half way simple am always ready to do what i can to save a repair bill,(retired) any help would be appreciated
I cannot open the cuff to gain access to the rear turn signal light to replace it.
how much to fix???
The a.c. light blinks 3 times and go off the air conditioning will not come on.
Does anyone have any suggestions.
If a link or instructional video would be appreciated. I do not want to cause damage - 2010 Enclave
While driving at various speeds 40 to 70 mph the doors lock & unlock then the engine tacks out drops rpms but your speed completly drops and fuel guage drops It blew the motor 6 months ago so itt has a new motor, they also replaced door lock relays didnt help Its been going on for 8 months been at shop for a month they cant figure it out. no lights come on until the other day check engine came on due to it started dying when i would turn into parking lot or street . also it flashed up on dash a couple times speed limit 108 max the code for check engine light was fuel modular they put new one on didint help so they took it off tried transmission modular didnt work took it off.
The AC is cooling, no problem there, and I can get cold air from to defroster vents and floor vents in the front, but it is no really blowing from the vents in the dash. This just started today
the check engine light goes out after I remove the negative battery terminal, but comes back on after driving for about a week. auto zone tested it and gave me the code po451.
after each is displayed it then reads something about power is reduced- What or why would this be displayed --what type of service is needed.
it is better since we got new tires and an alignment but still does it once in a while.
can a leaky water pump cause your steering wheel to lock up when you come to a complete stop (FYI) i just had my car serviced because my power steering was failing.
i had my power steering serviced, was failing
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