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I have a 2009 Buick Enclave. The radio only has a cd/aux butting no DVD option. The DVD player is an audiovox. How do I hear the DVD. Movie player comes in but even the headphones are fuzzy and can't hear anything.
It happens when I am turning left or right and it is in the rear wheels..mainly on the right side it sounds like
We tried changing the coil and the same thing happenned is the signal coming from the c.u. ?
I've recently had my transmission repair it was the 35rwaveplate in my 09 Buick Enclave I had a check engine code of P0776. The repair was done free as this was part of a special warranty recall. However since the repair was completed one week ago now my my radio cuts on and off and it switches channels on its own. Can anyone help?
74900 miles
Anyone else have to replace hydraulic brake cylinder? It has less than 50k miles, was driven by my elderly dad. He passed away last year so I have taken car. Now I'm having to replace the brake cylinder because they said we had a leak in a gasket. Was
tried everything, putting the car in N, jump starting, would not start. Went back a little later and it started. Had to push on the gear linkage, gear stick to get it to start so times. Not always.
When you put the vehicle in reverse. The three lights in back come on and goes back out.
What needs repairing and the cost of repair. Repair code C0267
Vehicle missing on load and over 65 m/h. Not all the times. Checked the coolant and found was low. Added coolant and so far the missing has stopped.
cost to replace tubing to rear air conditioner
i replace this part but in 15 days fail again , i need to know if schedule this part before switch on the car? thank you
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