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Where is the diagnostic connector located on this vehicle?
The transmission shifts smothly when accelerating harder.
my ac blows hot air, it is a used car I just bought. can I just recharge it, or do I need to vacuum out the old coolant?
Compressor will not engage
checked fuel pump and filter, checked vacuum hoses, several people have looked and said nothing is wrong? but problem persists
Just bought the car 2weeks ago temp gage just started going up and down and now my heat only works.sometimes.
Pulled ignition celanoid fuse. It shut off the alarm but then car wouldnt start.
05 Century has over 227K miles. Have the oil changed regularly, been running full synthetic for over a year. 7 months ago replaced the thermostat, only knew it was stuck open because it failed emissions test. Problem #1 A few weeks ago it suddenly smelled of burning antifreeze. I drive about 500 miles a week some heavy traffic through Boston area, car does not overheat, AC worked last summer but not now. Heat seems to work fine, defroster is not working as well as it used to. The stench inside the car is awful, can't smell it outside. Not sure if it's relevant, but there is a glob of dried orange gunk where the water pump connects to the head. (car takes dex cool) it's been there for a very long time and doesn't get bigger.

Problem #2
Car started clacking at low speeds front right wheel area. Nothing looks broken or damaged except the upper strut mounts are severely corroded due to horrible winters here. I watched a video of a car being driven with a bad strut mount/bearings and it sounded exactly like mine. Almost like a trotting horse, and stops at around 25-30 mph. Can't feel it in the steering wheel and seems to corner fine. I have had cars with issues with a control arm, broken sway bar, and worn tie rods and this doesn't feel or sound like those did.
I'm just hoping someone can give me an idea if my suspicions are correct. I'm a single female and tend to get the runaround, even at reputable shops. My son and nephew who are back yard mechanics are planning to do the repairs.
112k due to age is this a PANDORAS BOX ISSUE?
Had an oil leak so we had the oil pan gaskets replaced. Leak persisted. The timing cover gasket is now to blame and replacement for that and a water pump and a coolant kit and service is costing just under $600. Is that reasonable?
My air works sometimes and not other times, The cruise light comes on when the switch is in the off position or high fan position. Low fan it works but blows hot air.Is this the control switch problem?
My car warms up very slowly and never gets hot inside like it used to. Both of the ac/heat cluster lights are out and the temperature gauge always leans towards the cold side. Also, after a quick scan concerning my check engine light, the code had something to do with a thermostat.
The security light has come own reasonally and when i turn the key on sometime it doesnot start.The security light blinks off and on sometime. sometime if i turn it off with the steering wheel not straight it also will not turn on. today i also pull the gear shift handle toward the steering wheel it will start some times. some people say it is the starter but my buick book it may be the key. can you help me and how much does a key cost to replace
My car is a 2005 Buick Century with 70,000 miles on it. Should the struts be replaced?
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