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It would come on only on occasion but now comes on about every time I start out driving within past couple of days along with service vehicle soon light. The abs light and service engine light have appeared for several months with no problems in performance of vehicle and mechanic told me to not worry about it. Its the weekend now and I won't be able to see my mechanic until tomorrow (Monday). Its the trac off light that concerns me.
04Buick Century overheating. Changed a small u shaped hose that had a pin hole leak. It still running hot and losing water. No visual leaks. Radiator cap is cool. Radiator hose gets hot. Steam coming from right bleeder. Nothing on the left. Replaced head gasket and water pump and thermostat 2 years ago
This happens every time I start my car. I have a '04 Buick Century V6 3.1L. The gauge says it's running hot but it's in the dead winter. It only ran for 2 minutes and the gauge says it's running hot. I have changed the thermostat, water pump, O2 Sensor, upstream&downstream, and the Engine Temperature Sensor. I don't have any leaks not any noises. It does not blow out heat. I have tried all I know. What else would cause my car temperature light to come on in 2minutes and in the dead winter?
The drivers window roll right back down after you roll it up. Only seems to happen when it get really cold out.All other windows are fine.
Do not know how to get into it and need advice
Service engine light is on but noticed there is also a service vehicle light which is not on
None of my windows won't let down
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? Since I bought this car
tranny makes a winding souynd
oil gasket leaking,see no oil pan cover.
I have checked all the fuses under hood and passenger side fuse box, still nothing.
My bright lights work and my flashers work. All rear lights work as well.
It happens all the time sometimes it will die while driving as well. OBD is still giving faulty TPS reading.
WHAT CAN BE DONE? Its a 2004 Buick Century.....thank you for fast responce
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