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Blows cold air until you step on gas. Blows hot while giving gas, let off gas, blows cold again.
I have done everything i can think of no codes car runs great but i cant get the catalyst or egr monitors to run
unsure but running the ac on the car does not overheat or spike its in the center but once its off it goes up and when i turn off the car or on park i can feel the heat underneath the car, what could it possibly be?
How long have you had this problem? for over a week
What does it mean your on board computer is not ready to determine ther status of the pollution control system. I had a new catalytic converter put on.
Changed fluid and filter 4 times run good in start off but won't shift into 2nd making plinking sound what wrong
I just bought new windshield wipers,but the next day the passenger side wiper stopped working. I can use the left but need a local cheap price and place to repair.
Replaced master cylinder. Air in lines and unable to bleed them without replacing calipers. Need to get inspected for registration renewal.
The car will not accelerate correctly. When pressing the gas the engine reves but hardly picks up speed. Even worse while going up a hill.
The car gets warm not hot when I idle. Mechanic said fan not working. Could it be a fuse only and it would start the fan again. Worth trying first? Car has 192000 miles but drives great.

Changed the gastket and still over heating idk what else could it be turn it off 1 hour the temp statred to raise again. Help i dont know what else it could be
i need to replace the high pressure power steering hose and i need to know the size of it and the fittings
I don't notice noise while driving but it is not very loud so it could be there. The noise seems to be in between front and back seat or center and coming obviously from underneath. Any ideas. Thanks.
It just seems like it runs a little hotter than I should but when I put the AC on it runs only a quarter of the temperature gauge otherwise the fans don't run until the temperature gauge is past halfway
Is this a common problem with a 2003 Buick Century
If it is a pressure control solenoid do you have instructions on how to change it myself on the mechanically inclined Individual
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