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Its an '02 Buick Century Limited, 70,000 miles. It doesnt happen often except for when ive been driving my car all day. Im about to drive my car 1,200 miles. I just wanna know whats going on and if i need it to get fixed before i leave. Ive taken it to two different mechanics the first one said I have a lose motor mount and the other guy said nothing was wrong.
Sometimes the windows won’t roll up
I am unsure if I need to bleed my brakes before I change the brake pads on my 2002 Buick Century. Videos I have watched do not mention a bleed. I have been told I do not need to bleed them to replace the brake pads. But, my repair manual says to bleed them. Which is it?
TIA, Diana
Recently replaced Wheel hub and ABS assembly. While driving I heard a clang like I had run over something and now the brake is grinding. What could it be? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I replaced my drivers side headlight assembly on my 2002 Buick Century and that side is still not working right. The pass side is working perfectly. It stays dim. I replaced both headlights on that side with no change and tried adjusting the headlights with the Torx screws with no change. Never had this problem before and wonder what else I can do to repair it. The pass side puts out an abundance of light but it looks like I barely have any light from the other side (esp on high beam). I hit a deer and had to replace the hood, ds fender, grill asembly, grill assembly frame, and ds headlight assembly. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Other than the lights. My car runs fine. But my ac needs to recharged that’s all.
Why does my 2002 buick shake when u push gas pedal.
Century 2002 custom.
The car cranks and after about 8 seconds kill. Only when it's cold. After getting to the normal temperature it kills sometimes. then whenever I step on the gas pedal, it doesn't accelerate with power, or constantly, it feels like it goes up and down, but never get to the normal point of power, and takes forever to get to 40, it's like it doesn't have power. I checked all the fuses they're good, and I changed throttle position sensor, the one under it, cleaned the throttle, cleaned the MAF, and it doesn't give me codes... People said catalyst converter, but it doesn't get red... And I changed the oxygen sensor on it too... IDK what else to do.
Please help...
Thanks and God bless
There's also a security light on
It's won't start no clicking no ignition
When it dose start it has no problem drives great.. But I don't turn it off until I get home.. If it is going to start it starts right up it don't die it run great if it starts everything works fuses r all good. Senses r all good. Don't know y it won't start please help me
I was driving on the road when my car completely stalled out. i thought it was just a dead battery so i had bought a new one but nothing turns on anywhere in the car. the engine doesn't even click or hum when the key is turned. could it be the alternator?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
My driver's door window won't open with the control, but opens all the way every time I start the car. I can close it, at least for now. Will it stop closing if I don't get it fixed? Will it be expensive to fix?
Car starts and idles great but has no acceleration unless you punch and than takes off. Replaced in line fuel filter, plugs, and cleaned E G R valve no change. Service Light flashed but still does not stay.on. when First start in morning runs the way. It should very briefly
It switch out no problem
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