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Service engine light staying on
Service engine light staying on
2001 Buick Century Century Custom, 4 door, 3.1l , 189 cu. in. V6 . Vin is 2 2G4WS52J11283386. It seem from what I have found so far it could be any of these 3:

1. OEM part#10341486 NHA
2. OEM part# 16266654 GPJ
3. OEM part # 10319943 GLE

Hope you can clear this up for me.
Thank you,
It happens unexpectedly. Scary.
Question does not need more detail.
you know about the lites, but when i take a sweeping right hand turn it starts to wobble, what could that be??
Drive 100 miles a day reset computer many times drove 70 mph then 55 mph then 40 mph then idle 3 min
Drive 100 miles a day reset computer many times all other code reset drive 70mph then 40 mph then. idle for 3 minutes
It's never happened before, but when I jack it up and take the wheel off, I know I will have a lot of difficulty even getting the drum off since it's locked in the on position.
My car sounds like a airplane when I go over 35 mph. What would make this happen?
When it gets to 50 the engine willcsound like its speeding up but won't go faster
My check engine light is on service engine light is on but the car runs good but I was told my charcoal canister is bad
2001 Buick Century Custom, 6cyl
Mechanic is now telling me car won't pass CA smog because the AC air compressor is broken and bearings are rubbing making terrible noise. Does the air compressor have anything do do with smog test?
I was given a car. Have to transfer from OH to CA. First step is to get CA smog. Mechanic said it was sitting too long & I'd need to drive it. Computer wasn't recognizing oxygen sensor. But while talking to him, it made weird noises. Mechanic removed what I think was the serpentine belt. Found compressor was damaged. I can live without air conditioning. But he said -- the problem now is -- we can't replace that belt because it is no longer made. I saw the part on-line. Mechanic put the old belt back on. He told me it was dangerous to drive. I'm not sure what to do next. Can the belt be replaced?
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