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What is the specific drive cycle for my Buick 2000 Century in order to set the readiness modules for a Missouri emission inspection.
The plugs, wires, and ignition could are good. It is getting fuel, and there are no codes coming up on obd, except for a generic misfire code and egr no flow during purge. Is this symptomatic of a clogged muffler or catalytic converting? The car accelerates as long as it gets pushed easy, hard to accelerate when need to do so quickly.
trunk, inside light, working backward, closed= on? I can't find the switch that effected by lid position either. Also the door/trunk ajar light stays lit when running ? Any practical (i can try) incite will be appreciated. SIA Ronald
Keeps blowing everytime crank it
2000 Buick century runs great then while in drive it boggs out in drive then i had to push it in a parking lot have to wait a hr or less to start up the bits fine again what is the main issue also the gas floats more than it should not too bad bud goes to empty n back weird plz help note this is the second fuel issue bought pump last year than it does again need help in detail digram
Location of filter .. trying to get help on if any fuel electric wires etc are the problem and to see if it is the fuel pump and not nothing else don't wanna burn up any parts
After window box panel was replace the button light up but I still have same issue meaning 3 of 4 windows either go down and not up all the way or not at all or if you put the window down just a little it is the same. They work to go down or won't go down at all or go down then I need 3 of 4 window motors now?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Replace switch box for window panel but window do not work properly sometimes go down and won't go sometimes they start going down and stop sometimes they when going down or up and sometimes they go down.
How long have you had this problem? Started after the window was left a couple inches and it rained hard...replaced window button panel but I still have same problem do I need to replace 3 of 4 window motors now?
When air conditioner is on I hear a bearing noise
I have tried a new bulb and a new headlight assembly. Tested the male end that you plug into light with test light and it has power. Male end of light not working has power at both wires on the back side of it when lights are on but light that works only has power at one wire on backside.
replace the complete wiper assembly
The car will go in reverse & 1 and 2 but not in Drive or 3. There's 166,000 miles on it. I've been told twice that the transmission on these Buicks are not repairable & it will have to be replaced. blue value = $995. transmission=$1450. whats the smart thing to do?
there is no reading for odometer
Have changed the head gasket , water pump, flushed the system ,replace the radiator hoses, thermostat . but it still heats up from time to time, completed work on it 2 days ago. Help Please.
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