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My fob will only pop the trunk and won't lock or unlock my car. I have tried reprogramming it but it never takes the reprogramming. I just put new battery in it.
Whenever i hit my breaks my car shakes a little and then it will shut off its not making any noises.
Its a 1999 buick century. Bought last year, put freon in and cold air worked eventually went out on driver side. It didnt go out you can feel it trying to get cold just never fully get there. The heat works on both sides. What should i do to fix?
Just not doing anything the other windows are working an I bought a new regulator 1mth ago and it worked fine ..
my car is an automatic it will shift gears once i get going. It just does not accelerate from a complete stop I have to put the car in 2nd gear to get going. Sometimes the car accelerates and is good for awhile then it goes back to not accelerating. I think there is a short in the wiring. I replaced the vacuum modular and the car accelerated, then stopped.
Installing 5" tachometer
from the mirror assembly. No set screw found.
I can drive a mile or 10 miles doesn't matter. Once I turn it off it will be an hour or so before it will crank. The engine turns over so it's not the battery. I am wondering during that time is something draining or cooling? I have had a couple of things replaced but has not helped. Mechanic is even stumped. If you want to know what I have had replaced I will have to check. Don't know the names. All I know is the Walmart greeters are tired of me sitting in their parking lot. Please help.
Climate controller has dual zones...the pass zones still works fine with AC and heat...the driver zone will only deliver heat regaradless of how the controls are set...also the fan speed does not work on high so I am think I need to replace the climate control panel...
Fans come on to cool engine.Not when I turn on ac
Other than the resistor, what else could cause my heater to only work on high setting in my '99 Buick century custom?
Passenger window and door will not open nor both back door
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