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I have a 1998 Buick Century and while I was driving it the low coolant light came on. So I stopped at an auto place and had it topped off with 50/50 Dex Cool. When I went to start my car the heat my an awful noise and stopped working. My coolant light is also coming on and off, on and off. What could be the problem ? I don’t believe there are any leaks. The heat is now barley on and I just want to know how to get rid of the coolant light. Thank you I’m advance !!!
Started driving and my temp gauge went to max hot. Turned around and headed home and the gauge went back to normal. Don't know why
changed wire conector and connected direct line but have same results
I took my car in because it was leaking coolant, asked mechanic to see why it's leaking. I got my timing cover gasket replaced because the mechanic said that was the problem with the leak. A week later it's leaking again, I take it back and now it's the head gasket. Why didn't they see both gaskets the first time. Now they want another $1000 to repair.
No chip key wide ripped off to wire chip sensor out of the ignition
Hi, I have a 98 Buick that overheats whether driving or still. The radiator is 4-5 years old I've done the water pump and 2 thermostats in the last year. I've also flushed it and bled it properly. Also I just changed 3 fan relays and it still overheats. It's not mixing water and there doesn't seem to be any in the motor so it doesn't look like a blown gasket. I'm pretty much out of ideas as to what it could be. Any help would be appreciated!
Our car was towe and when we got it back it was hard to turn left really had to pull stirringwheel. While trying to find out why, driving it now the stirring wheel locks n now it's hard to turn at all
I replaced the cam shaft sensor
the traction light blinks on and off,and it becomes harder to control the car. Could the traction control be deactivated or possibly the tie rods are bad? Could you help me with a fix. Thank you.
What is the labor cost for a front brake job on a 98 Buick century?
I changed the Heater/Ac door actuator motor but it didn't fix the problem. Any other suggestions??
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