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Why oil in coolant reservoir not losing oil or coolant and car runs great but overheats at lower speeds like 25 mph. Doesn't smoke from engine or muffler and I have no leaks or noises anywhere so how is oil getting in the coolant and what should I do to fjx it?
97 Buick century loses power when slowing down and trying to gas back up I already changed coils wires spark plugs the pcv some vacuum hoses oil change new alternator new head gasket rebuilt transmission changed harmonic balancer new valve cover gaskets and it runs good at fast speeds but when I slow down and try to speed back up it loses power my speedometer is also jumpy I know I need to change the speed sensor but could that be my problem with my car losing power
When I turn the key the car won't start and the security light stays on
Just started today, auto zone said battery OK, could it be the alternator?
I bought this vehicle (used)in February from a dealership.96,000 miles on car. It wasn't really any major problems with car. I've had an oil changed,front end aliment,changed spark plugs and wires. Im June i noticed my car act like it didn't want to turn over on the first try.Later I got it put on a diagnostic machine,the throttle position sensor needed replacing. I got a used part put on after that my starter went out, the fuel pump. Got those replaced with used parts. Car wouldn't crank up and the security light was on. Nobody could fix it until recently I called a locksmith and they managed to get the light off and it cranked up but the dashboard isn't reading my mileage,gears,and gas needle wasn't working while car is cranked. Im running out of resources on how to get this problems fixed any suggestions?
Car overheated pulled over let cool added water got back on interstate and lost power after driving 50 miles
I have a 1997 Buick Century 3100. My problem is that the car starts off ok for the first 20 - 30 minutes, after that when the engine is warm/hot the transmission starts to slip and eventually the transmission will stop driving the car even though it is in gear. Can anyone tell me what the problem is. Thank you.
About to buy a 1997 buick century.. Need to know the cost to fix the digital gauge before buying!
Now I can see everything on the odometer just can't see the miles on it nor when I I put it in park,drive, reverse, neutral. So what could be the problem
Since I purchased the car around a year ago, there has been a noticeable situation when backing out of driveways, parking spots, etc. It seems like there is a momentary clicking near the front brake/tire area that I'm assuming is some sort of additional release because, at the exact time that happens, the brake pedal also depresses allowing it (and my foot with it) to get closer to the car's floorboard. It's similar to having to bleed the brake lines, only this instance only lasts for a moment, only when backing out, and only if the car is operating on a new start/ignition. If you leave the car running prior to backing out, the problem does not exist.

Additionally, about 10% of the time, when the clicking occurs, the display panel lights indicating BRAKE and ABS will come on and the steering gets a little tighter. The only way to rid that situation is to shut off and restart the vehicle.

I've yet to find a solution to this. Any takers? Thank you in advance.
When I start the car it makes a funny sound like it choking or something
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