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1993 Buick Century Limited Wagon 3.3L 86k miles
i put it in drive and you can feel the car lung into gear but will not move it is like the park pin is stuck
everytime driving starting up fine driving I can barely give gas or cuts out ?
It runs fine and out of the blue sputters and cuts off let it cool and it will go again but I'm sure its not the fuel pump that's all I know to tell
Start up fine when u put it in gear if drives but won't change out of first gear
when putting in gear stalls, when putting on brakes stalls , without turning on lights parking light are on ., Help! Done put $2000.oo in and no results.
engine light on after warm up or long idle goes out but at almost every stop and take off wants to stumble .took to shop and scanned ...said 2nd gear and TCC solenoids are bad ..transmission fluid is good color and runs good other than when first taking off . Does that sound like problem?
93 buick century my reverse dose not working all others are working only the reverse is not working
If u slooowly press gas pdl it will clean up and make ok power but takes soo long its dangerouse. Revs up fine in N.??? Is throwing , exahst code and ignition spark coil code.
My mechanic hard wired my cooling fan because I run a mail route. But it has quit and been replaced 3 times in 6 months. He says it should last longer than that, but doesn't know why it won't. Is there another way to pull heat out of the engine compartment?
My Buick is smoking white smoke from hood and I,m afraid if I drive to machanic shop it will start a fire what can be causeing smoke it just started a few days ago
I have a good alternator and battery, but air bag light comes on when on a bumpy road, also speedometer stops and starts working for no apparent reason. Horn only works sometimes, so I had another one wired separately. The most recent problem was when the car quit altogether, and the voltmeter on the dash showed the battery was dead. But wiggled the alternator wire and battery cables and it fired right up. Can I change the alternator wire to stop all of this, or is it the whole wiring harness?
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