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The first 10-15 mins. it runs great, but then it will stall, jerk, and die when I brake or stop completely. To keep it running I have to slip it into neutral while stopped, and slip it back into drive when I need to take off. It jerks a little when I take off too. The spark plugs and wires are fine, and the coil pack was replaced, so I don't know if the timing is off or what. Please help I need to fix it ASAP!
car was running great 3 days earlier I replaced O2 sensor gas milege got better then this happens got the car to start a couple of times that night but it would die ,if I reved it up to try to keep it running it sounded like a real bad miss and smelled gas bad, did this a couple times thought it might be bad gas so I put a bottle of injector cleaner and some heet in it started 2 more times with the same miss and sputter then tried starting it again and the battery was dead. boosted it off the next day and it started right up ran perfect for 10-15 minutes and did all the same stuff again service engine soon light isn't on but ichecked anyway and no codes show up didn't have the tools to do a lot but checked to see if it was getting fuel and it was pulled a plug and even after sitting 12 hours it smelled like gas when it was removed plug was gapped right and not burnt but was black which came right off up until this the car ran great
fan will not come on fuse are good ? thinking relay , I need location ??
I got this car , water pump was bad, therm, was bad I changed them both , an I noticed the fan is not working I checked the fuses, I have no power the the fan ? any help any ideas ?..
wouldn't it be a great idea to replace the intake and valve cover gaskets at the same time considering the valve cover gaskets are oozing oil all over the intake and lower part of the engine?
engine does'nt start well when it's cold
I recently had a new transmission replaced. I guess in taking things apart, well things happen. but now when i drive, the ever present exhaust that used to come out the muffler is gone, it now comes directly out the engine. It looks like the (i would not say smoke although it is smokey in the exhaust way) comes directly out of the main engine where it turns right along the drivers side where some pipes begin the journey to muffler home. Is there a seal missing, a part, duct tape, anything I can do?
It has 111000 miles on it.
Changing/flushing coolant is an obvious one. However are there any other biggies that I should take care of before the winter sets in? I don't want to spend $1000's on repairs... especially since this is an 19 year old car. I just want to tune up the essentials so that it is dependable through the winter.
I can't find the right size wrench, to take off the bolt of the bracket, to the fuel filter.
when water is added to my reservoir and/or coolant is added it just leaks out and i believe it is leaking from the seal on the water pump
My 92 Buick Century Wagon just had the following work done on it: both wheel bearings, left front brake hose, left front caliper, clean/adjust rear brakes, remove/install right rear wheel cylinder, turn/machine rear drums, replace front rotors.

Now from the rear of the vehicle there is a thumping noise when I apply/release the brakes. It almost sounds like the rear drums are sticking. Is this a common problem? What else do I need to have done in order to fix this problem? What would likely cause that noise?

My right rear brake cylinder is leaking. How do I repair it?
I just installed new radio in my car about 14 months ago. It played ok for about 12 months,and the audio for the radio stations stopped playing. The CD has audio the clock works, and every other function works fine. Its just the radio audio quits working. I took it back out of the dash and unplugged it and reinstalled twice it and it will play for about 3 or 4 days and quit again. The radio audio is the only thing that stops working. If someone could come up with solution for this I would really appreciate your help.
we are tryiong to put new brake cylinder on the rear
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