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We replaced MAF sensor.Crankshaft sensor. Temp Knock sensor.Fuel pressure regulator.,controle module computer box.,coolant temp sensor. Plugs and wires Pcv. and Fuel Pump. And 1 fuel injector replaced.
91 Custom: Did the following:
1. Tested fan still works
2. Replaced Temp Sensor
3. Replaced the Thermostat
4. NO Trouble Codes
5. Tested ECM ( by unplugging he MAF Sensor, this caused trouble code car -car ran erratic while unplugged) Plugged in and the car ran great error code gone.
6. Turn A/C on let run the Fan will not come on.
7. Test drove, Fan and Temp light does not come on.
8. Tested ADAL w/ A & B the fan comes on.
Thanks in advance.
I changed my fuel filter,changed my burned out fuse which was(eng/ac),and checked all fuel lines,sprayed carburetor cleaner and cranks but wont turn on.Now i rechecked everything now there's no power going through the fuel injectors?
4 days ago i was driving and while i was driving my car shut down and i put it on neutral and tried to start it and it only turnsover And doesn't start i changed the fuel filter and damaged hoses and burned out fuse
While driving on the road my car automatically turns off and then pulled over too try and restart my car and turnover but won't start
I have water in the oil on 91 3300 century. Car has 100000 miles. Is it worth taking apart and replacing heads or gaskets?
Won't sart back up until car cools down. Like I said it starts an runs fine when it has cooled down but after driving or running till its warmed up it'll die out. I've tried changing spark plug wires, MAF, crank position sensor, ignition control module, and tried using a injector cleaner in the gas but nothing has worked. Help me out please.
Ive replaced fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel injectors, injector o-rings, fuel lines, throttle body kit, throttle position sensor, abc throttle body chip, mass air flow sensor, coil packs, spark plugs, spark wires, water pump, cadallidic converter, crankshaft sensor an quad driver module ( ECM component board )
it just started happening, but only seems to occur when the throttle is pressed, either from driving or from pressing the linkage from the engine
the car starts but will only run about 10 seconds then dies.replaced fuel pump and filter.i have 32-34 lbs pressure running and 42-44 not.replaced ignition mod still same thing..towed it to gm dealer for diagnostic and their suggestion was crank sensor so i replaced that also with no change.spray ether direct into throttle boby and motor will keep codes on stumped on this
we have a buick that stalls out after engine runs an will not restart have had ecm maf crank sensor coil packs and ignition module replaced an the problem still remains. any idea
I have had the maf , crank sensor , ignition module , coil packs , and fuel pump checked an they all tested in good even replaced the ecm
it was firing on 2 cylinders and now when i put it in gear it stalls
it stalls if i try to move it now
It has 198,000 already and I want to keep it as long as is my prize possesion at this time.
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