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maybe that is why my car only starts when I pour gas down air intake. Inertia switch is fine.
new computer
when i turn the key on my gauge reads out at 46 pounds but car will not start.
never been replaced, was sprayed with reg carb cleaner.
new fuel pump etc.? Is my problem the fuel pump inertia relay switch fuel injector relay or mass air flow sensor?
95,000 miles. I made the mistake of spraying reg carb cleaner. Could thia have damaged the mas air flow sensor. I have now sprayed it with proper cleaner.
I have replaced and tested every other electrical part in my 90 Buick Century. But for some reason I don't get any spark from the motor. I am very confused and don't know what to do next. I really need help to figure out what is wrong with my car it is the only vehicle that I have so please help.
When I am driving, and I go over 25mph I get this weird buzzing/squeeling rotating sound. It is more high pitched, not a deep rotating sound. It is hard for me to explain, I have taken it to a few places and they have no idea what is wrong. I think it may be my wheel bearing, but I am not sure. It does come and go while driving but almost always starts when I get to 25mph.
It locked up in on position
Before car shuts off it splutters like its out of gas. Checked the fire on 1n4 no spark. I replaced the coil now has good fire but still does the same thing, also checked the fuel pressure and it was 40, even had the ECM tested and was good. Oh I even dropped the converter. Just wondering about crankshaft position sensor and what else could it b. If its the cps, is there a simple test and do u have to pull plate to line it up. I'm no mechanic. TKS stumped
everynow and then when you are going real slow or come to astop light or sign it shuts off. and sometimes to start it you have to give it gas.
1987buick century limted 2.5ltr
car was running fine but had to replace crank sensor and starter,but now when i turn on ignition fuel shoots out like it should for a few seconds then it just stops.then you can turn off ignition and turn it on and the fuel shoots out again for a few seconds then just stops. what keeps killing the fuel flow? this is a 1988 buick century 2.8 liter
failed emissions nox
I recently noticed I have a burning smoke coming from what appears to be my exhaust manifold where the front pipe connects to the manifold with the 2 stud bolts. Does anyone know what might be causing this issue?
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