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when the car heats up it stalls out and will not restart until the next day when it has cooled down.My Mec had it for a week thought it was the ECM put a new one in but it still has the same problem.The car has fuel pressure.I need some help on this one guys. It is a 1988 Buick Century.
Ilut a newfuiel pump on it cha ged other parts that may be the promble why it won't stay running it will stratfor amin or two and when you go to restart it it won't stratifyou turn the key on you ha e totrun the key of a dback on three or for to.e and it .might start and might ot
Its a 1990 buick century limited with a 3.3L V6. It starts for just a second and dies. We thought it was a fuel problem so we replaced the fuel pump, in line filter, And i just replaced the fuel pressure regulator. and it still doesn't start. we also put sea foam in the tank as well to clear any gunk. Pls Help.
I don't know how to get the thermostat
the car starts but does not run once you apply the accelorator the car stalls i have replaced the fuel pump and filter the module the maf sensor the crank position sensor the fuel regulator and the car starts but once you step on the gas or manually try and throttle the car from under the hood it stalls the car will run in park but any throttle pressure it stalls any help would be appreciated
rough i thought it was the fuel put in additive it didnt work i had my mechanic look at it he changed the fuel pump the crank position sensor the module and the fuel filter cleaned out the throttle body i picked up the drove it home the whole time it had a low idle drove it with two feet to keep it running arrived home shut the car stasrted it later on and back to the same problemm car starts and runs rough step on the accelerator and the car stalls was told to change the fuel regulator the car ran rough shut it down started it again and it ran strong took it for a test drive car ran great shut it down thinking i solved the problem started it again lator on and thw same problem riugh running cutting off when you use the accelerator i posted these problems on this site and was told to disconnect the maf sensor it worked car responded to the gas pedal and the hand throttlling i changed the maf sensor and the car ran great good idle responsive took it for a test drive about a quarter mile into the ride the motor starts to break up unresponsive to ythe peddle came home shut it off came back out an hour lator the car started right up took it for a ride car ran good responsive strong came home shut it off started it again and the same problem car is running rough step on the gas and it stalls i cant seem to figure out the problem any help would be greatly appreciated no codes and no check engine lite thanks
been having a problem with the car runing .i start the car it idles when you put it in gear it stalls,figured it was the gas added gas treatment it didnt work had car towed to mechanic good friend honest went over the car changed the fuel pump with delco replacement changed the module under the coi;s cleaned the throttle body changed the fuel filter the car was running for him all day i went to pick up the car drove it home it stalled as i stopped at lites started right up and felt like it had a low idle drove it home with two feet keeping it running to prevent the low idle from making it stall arrived home shut the car next day started the car same situation it started once you added a littlegas peddle to increase idle it would stall i then changed the fuel pressure regulator car started ran a little rough shut it down figured there was a little air in system (fuel line)started car again it ran great better then when i picked it upp from the mechanic it was strong and responsive thru the accellerator took it for a test drive it ran and responded great just like it always did came home shut it down started it again had my son take it for a ride same results ran great shut the car down again went inside my home came out an hour lator and the same problem occurred car starts runs rough when you give it a little pedal it stalls starts up and runs rough increase the idle thru the pedal or under the hood manually and it stalls cant seem to figure out the problem no codes or any check engine lite any help would be greatly appreciated thank you also forgot to add the crank position sensor was changed also
Actually a 1988 Buick century limited, 3.8 and the fuel pump relay the web sites I check is wrong as I pull relay and car will still run and start with relay disconnected.
it stalls out randomly at all driving conditions. I am stumped on this one. anyone have help for me on this???
I have changed the plugs and wires, changed the coil and coil module along with changing the crank sensor but still no fire to or from the coils
according to absolute auto express inertia cut off switch is drivers side beside the trunk hinge or pass side floorboard next to the kick panel
it all rusted and pipe would be cheaper to install
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