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1235 Zerega Ave, New York, NY 10462

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Bronx Ford
February 22, 2011

It was a disgrace! I brought my car there for repair following an accident I had last week, and we were all waiting for my insurance adjuster to come there yesterday, after we had been waiting for the adjuster 6 days!, and lo and behold, the shop is closed! I was so mad and upset because I specifically asked them if they were going to be open yesterday, President's Day, and the assured me they would be. So, they were, BUT the bodyshop they work with, which was supposed to fix the bumper and the engine hood, was closed. So there you have (or don't have) the responsibility or lack thereof and the lack of coordination. Now I had to wait another 6 or 5 days for the next adjuster's appointment, but I couldn't wait any longer. I need the car for work. I'm losing at least a $100, a $150 a day! So, for me to wait there was impossible. Plus, who would want to wait after this screwup?? Not me, and I know not many others. So, I went there today and I took the car and brought it to a different autoshop. I am done with these guys! I will never set foot in that shop ever again! Plus, they mistreat you there. They don't treat you like a 'valued customer' at all! Anyway, thats how I felt. They are just, not people's people, you know what I'm saying? You need to treat the customer with respect, with patience, be attentive to his requests and his needs. But them? No! They don't do stuff like that. So, here you are warned herein, and beware of these guys there. I think they are just too young to realize how horrible they treated me. Oh well, I said what I said herein, I think I'm doing a service for humanity here, so others will be warned and aware of what they're getting into. This shop which by the way is called Cityworld Auto is their name on all their receipts and on the sign in their shop is a Ford authorized autoshop! It is the ONLY ONE in the entire Bronx! Can you imagine? Well, next time I have to use my warranty, I will drag myself to the one in the Yonkers. It's a bit farther but I already talked to them over the phone -- they are nicer, I can tell you that. Well, we'll see. Hopefully I will not have to go there, but my car right now is at the Boston Road Collision auto shop, on Boston Rd. and these people are MUCH NICER, oh my gosh, so nice. I felt treated with respect and full attention, like they say: undivided attention. We'll see. Hopefully the car will be ready by next week and I won't have to go through that ever again!

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