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Q: Broken heater hose connector at the firewall on 1999 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

The heater hose connector at the firewall of my 2000 Silverado (1500) broke off at the heater hose connection. The plastic nipple broke off at the clamp site while I was driving home and the coolant ran out. The low coolant light came on and the temp lite. I stopped before any damage was done, but I can't figure out what I need to do to replace the broken connector. It appears that there may be a small connector at the front of the heater hose connection assembly the I can so that I don't need to mess with the firewall. It seems to turn but it won't unscrew and I am afraid to pull it off before I know what I am doing.
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I had that problem too. The part you need is #800-409, a heater hose inlet connector. OReilly had the part.
I just had this happen as well, i have the part but how do i get the old connection off?
I have the same problem with my 2000 chev pickup. Is that part number (800-409)for the outlet or inlet?
Sounds like you don't have to replace the heater core if #800-409 is an inlet connector. The inlet connector nipple broke off on my Silverado. Yeah, how do you get the remmants of the old connector off and how do you put on the new connector. Is the connector a screw on or compression fitting?
I had the same problem. I was told that there was a special tool to get the plastic pieces off. I went to Autozone and puchased some type of plastic piece to put behind it but it didnt work for me. So I ended up haveing to hack-saw it off. Once I got it off, it exposed the metal tubbing and I could connect the hoses to it. My heat worked fine for a day but then I began to get nothing but cold air. Im not sure if I need a new heater core or what. There is no leakage and everyhting else is working properly to my knowledge. Any suggestions????
forget about trying to find the tool. there is a metal tube that protrudes from the firewall that the new hose/plastic adapter quick-connects to. I just cracked mine off with vise grips and what was left stuck to the metal tube I cut off with a small hacksaw. Your new hose snaps right on.
I have a 2000 Silverado and I bought the Part #800-409 at O" Rielly's and it does not fit. The tube on my heater core is about 3/4 inch and the that part will only fit on something about 5/8 inch. You can look at the old part and see the difference. Anybody got a different part number?
bought the part, it was the correct one.....used my dremel to get the old off. no special tool to put new on. little vasoline on the inside and it snaps right in. reconnect the hose and your done.
Mine broke too, I had 1/2 wide o rings on the heater core pipes. Do they fit behind the quick connect? They are too big to go inside the quick connect. The dealer didn't show an o ring in their info. Is it necessary to have it?
You may need to replace the hose and/or the heater core or figure a way to fabricate something, which is entirely possible. Parts for a Chevy truck of this vintage are harder to come by from the dealer.
you need a quick connect tool to be able to take it off and get a new one on real easy theyare around 15 bucks are so
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